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Revolutionize your drinks by adding the intense aromatic flavor of MONIN Tonka Bean and let Tonka and let Tonka fever take hold!

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The Tonka bean is a fragrant bean – actually a seed from a tree native to South America – whose taste is reminiscent of vanilla with roasted caramel notes.Often used by pastry chefs to flavour desserts such as crème brûlée, ganache and macaroons. MONIN Tonka Bean syr up captu res this unique flavour perfectly to create sublime coffee and chocolate beverages. Revolutionise you r drink s with the hot, intense fl avour of Tonka Bean and l et Tonka fever take hold of you!


Copper with golden glints.

Tasting notes

Complex taste of roasted caramel,vanilla and tonka bean. Long lasting and rounded aftertaste.

Beverage Innovation Director Tips

I recommend MONIN Tonka Bean syrup in all milky coffee applications, both hot and cold. If you prepare a hot drink such as latte or cappuccino, I suggest you don’t exceed 60°C of temperature for your milk in order to preserve and appreciate all rich and flavourful aromas of Tonka Bean. Beside the coffee applications, MONIN Tonka Bean syrup will allow you to twist your favourite classic cocktails such as Manhattan, Martini and Colada.


  • Dessert drinks
  • Speciality coffees
  • Milkshakes
  • Cocktails

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